Ok, I just built this machine for my birthday. It is: AMD XP 3000 w/ 400 FSB. ABIT KV-7 mobo. Seagate baracuda 120 gig Sata HD. ATI 9600 pro 128 mb. And a Modem Blaster modem. I also have a Sony 16x dvd-rom and a sony dvd-burner. 450 w dual fan power supply.
I am running windows XP pro.
When I run my machine at the 3000/400 it freezes up at sparatic times. If I run at 3000/333 it still freezes up but not as often. If I run at 2800/333 or lower it runs just fine.
I know it isn't heat related, the CPU temp is only 40 degrees. It isn't virus related as norton if fully updated. All mircrosoft updates and all drivers are updated.

Please help !

What RAM do you have installed?

like TKS said if you aint got unuff RAM your hurting yourself ... i prefr DDR

512MB DDR?? and your sure you computer is reading it/them .. couse that should be anuff youd think..

your might want to try this if your computer is have a memory problem first get more and or replace any memory that is bad. second i have software here that can help.. :cheesy:

I don't think it's a memory problem. If it were a memory problem it probably wouldn't work at all. I'm beginning to believe it's just the mobo being a piece of junk.

that could b 2. do you think it could be wndws its self have you tried to repair it with the boot CD ...??? just an idea

no, I've installed windows twice. Same results. 2 different version of xp pro as well.

honestly the only other thing i can say is maybe scan for spyware and adware and viruses... anyone else have idea...?? look at my links below...

what software do you have that could help?

check a look at my sing. and you can follow the links..