I have HP Inkjet D2660 and I installed HP software to my computer. I notice that after the installation. My computer became slow. Before, I can open files in just a second. But now it opens 3-4seconds. Is there another way to solve my problem? I don't need the ink indicator of HP and its not that accurate. Also when I open windows task manager, the performance under CPU Usage is always on 100%.

I have Windows XP Pro SP2.
512MB PC3200 DDR Memory (2pcs of 256DDR)
ESET NOD32 4 Antivirus running on my computer.
Applications open in my computer simultaneously - Outlook Express 6, Mozilla Firefox, VB Applications (Quickbooks), 3-4 Excel files, 3-4 Doc files.

Hope someone can help me, Thanks for the help in advance.

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in the taskmanager, you can try to see which process is using much memory and kill it if it is unneeded, else I would suggest install TuneUp Utilities and clean the registry and other unwanted files to speed up the pc

I suppose the first thing I would say is if your machine is running ok and you intend to keep it a while, go onto a site like www.4allmemory.com or www.crucial.com, run their configurator, and see how much is would cost to upgrade to at least 2GB of RAM. 512 works for SP2, but it is really a minimum (thank you M$).

You could go into your Programs list and uninstall components you are not using of your HP Print package. Unfortunately, disabling the ink level indicator, in example, on their newer printers can also cause communication interruptions that stop the printer from working. The only things I can think of disabling that haven't caused problems for me on some machine are: The Yahoo Toolbar they load, SmartWebPrinting, and the HP Store. I have had mixed results with the HP Feedback.

This is not an AIO, but if you get those machines, the default scanning software, etc, do have a serious resource load. To get around the memory issue on those machines, there is usually a driver-only install on the HP website (designed for businesses) that will allow printing only and minimize the pain.

I almost forgot, in best practices, particularly if you can get more RAM, MS no longer supports XP SP2 but supports SP3 (extended support) into 2014. You will find better security and more application support if you do this upgrade.

ok thank you for all the replies. I already upgraded my RAM and it running better.

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