After moving the router and making my stationary computer "Wireless" - that is to say giving it an wireless network (A LevelOne WNC-0305USB connected to an Asus RT-N16).
Just few days ago, I got loads of problems with slow internet connection and sometimes it kicks me from the network, and I'm not able to connect to it again, I will have to restart my computer several times just to get the internet working for a half hour. I have solved problems with internal IP conflicts, giving my computer the IP:
For the looks of it, it seems like an virus, having installed MSE, I did check my computer just yesterday turning up nothing. I know that viruses often disables different security features in the computer. I do always try to keep my computer up to date, and I remember getting an update, fixing for example the print screen function of a specific window (Alt + Print Screen)
It might be about some issues with the LevelOne Wirelsess USB Dongle, but as it functions quite good on my Ubuntu boot of the computer (Just being dropped a few times from the router, but it regains the connection quite fast)

Please help!

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Are you sure that moving that far away Range didnt come into effect and you lost out on sigal.

best you try a proper anti virus program, with a firewall, that would give you insight on if anythings up, Ie firewall whos connections in and out, so bad connections or programs running you can disuse/block.

run a rootkit virus scan,
full system scan
adware scan,
and check your network settings to make sure its not proxy'd IE given a waste of a time ip and port, or SOCK connetion,
make sure your in rage of your router,

i wouldent change automatic settings for yoru network, you might be using an ip of but in a range of /

i would recomend comodo system security, for security, good maintenance and easy troubleshooting.


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