I am using Windows XP on a Lenovo 3000 c100. I get a funny beeping noise that accompanies continuous backslahes in typing areas. (\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\). This will continue until I hit any key on the keyboard, but will resume when opening any window or typing area. I have removed and reseated the backslash button but that did not work. Anyway, I know that is not the problem. I have applied a registry fix that appears to work fine, but after each restart or boot the problem reoccurs. This has me ruling out hardware problems, but I have also heard that it could be the keyboard controller on the motherboard, so now I am seeking some direction. I would like to end this permanently. Has anyone here experienced this problem? If so, and you have found a solution, would you pass along the information. Much appreciated and Thanx in advance for your kind consideration.

try to plug in a different keyboard via usb. make sure all the drivers are up-to-date. run an antivirus. it could be alot of things, but more than likely you got something (dirt, drink, food) inside your keyboard that causes it to flip out and go ////////////////////////////// clean it or replace it would be my guess?

if it is wireless check the batteries too

Hi I am having the same issue \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ on lenovo y510, did you find the fix?

Sounds like a hardware issue. Do as Jlego said and try another keyboard.

Make sure the backslash key is not stick onto your keyboard. You might want to create a new thread.

something like that happened to me before except it was pluses instead i just did a reboot and everything worked fine. It is also a possibility that there is just something wrong with the hardware and you should make shure that there are no sticky keys etc.

The original poster have not come back and reply for a long time.

Thank you both! It is a laptop, so how do I uninstall the keyboard? Windows re installs it on reboot. The backslashes show up after every time I reboot. The \ key is clean and works fine the rest of the time.

to uninstall the driver make sure you are logged in as an administrator and then go to
control panel->keyboard(more easily accesed through classic view)->hardware->standard??????keyboard->properties->driver->uninstall->you may then be prompted to shut down. if so agree. to reinstall the driver go back to controlpanel->keyboard->????->properties->driver->a new option should have popped up that says update driver click on that. The computer will most likely ask to reboot again it will also say that the driver is from an "unknown source" would you like to continue. Click yes there as well. best of luck