Hello., Any thoughts and or ideas if this is compatable with Vista and where exactly there would be a driver?

Secondly, since this Vista package does NOT have faxing in it, what are most of you doing to work around that issue?

Finally, any of you who use Verizon as an ISP., they offer a free virus guard package, TO MY knowledge the virus guard, spam ware are not compatable or are they with vista, any ideas on a universal or good package for protection?

Thank you.


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right avg is a good anti virus and zone alarm is a good free firewall but there are loads out there.

Fax software: google it there must be some out there and it must be the only work around as there is no current support on vista.

Driver: This would be the site to keep an eye on http://www.brother.com/E-ftp/windowsvista/europe.html there are none there currently but its updating regularly if you email them they will prob let u know a release date. And have you tried just plugin it in there might be a preinstalled driver just with not as many functions.

I thank YOU chris for the great response, just tell me ZONE ALARM, now doesnt Vista have a built in Firewall, what is the difference VS zone alarm>

its just a little bit more user friendly and has a few more options for creating rules and allowing programs certain access.

But vista firewall is more than adequate.

Glad I was able to help add to my rep if you found it useful!

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