March 26. My thanks in advance for your help. I searched Explorer problems postings; my problem seems to be unaddressed (I'm a dummy; I could be wrong). After a notification of a 3-item infection, I ran an AVG whole-computer scan and clean-up. The infections were eliminated, but some sort of serious corruption occurred: my Explorer browser had been wiped away. Getting to the Internet via My Computer + "explore," I downloaded Explorer from the Windows website--or thought I did: I was informed that the download was successful, but when I attempted to open the browser--"Explorer" now appeared in my START menu--I was told that Windows couldn't recognize the item. The newly-created shortcut on my desktop did nothing. Repeated downloads were always "successful," but always with the same result inside my machine: no recognition of the item. "Explorer" always newly appeared in my Control Panel Add/Remove list, but never in my list of programs. In addition, full-computer searches never located the supposedly newly-downloaded version, and when I tried to install an older Explorer version I was told that this wasn't possible because a newer version had already been installed. For the heck of it, I tried downloading Firefox, but the results were identical: download "successful," item "not recognized." I've contacted AVG three times through their regular channels, but they have not responded. As I'm sure you all know, getting to the Internet via My Computer + explore leaves many, many, links un-navigable. What to do? Thanks again. Phil B.

try to have a full scan of anti virus of your PC, or do a system rstore....

The last option is to boot up your Window CD and do a repair. That will delete the old Window and replace with new. But of course always back up your data before doing this.

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