Hi, I've done something and now when I right click on my desktop -> New
I can't create .txt files anymore.

This is done with registry I've been told - but I forgot what to search for on google.
I've had no luck finding anything.

So how do I add .txt files to the menue when you Right click on your desktop -> New

Also, I'd like to add .cpp files to the list.
But if I'm told how to add .txt files, I'm sure I can do the same for .cpp files.

I'd also like to remove some programs from the New ->

  • Also, when right clicking a file i get alot of stuff, like:

  • Scan with Ad-Aware

  • Submit With Threatwork

  • Search with Microsoft Security Essentials..

  • Edit with notepad++

  • Open with ->
  • Add to archive

  • add to name.rar

  • compress and email
  • unlocker
  • i want to remove some of them

Well you got yourself into a tricky situation.

.txt files is easily done by opening notepad.

to remove some programs depending on your OS (operating system) you just run the installer for that program or, if you wanted to keep that program and not the shortcut per-say, you right click on the program/link you dont want and remove from the list.

as for the rest, they come up because its programs you have installed and windows likes to gather programs to say open with me. to remove them you would need to go into advanced settings for that you would need to do some research.

World Hack.

In the registry under the first hive HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT you will find an entry with the name ".txt". I exported mine and it looks like this (without the ----- lines)...


"Content Type"="text/plain"




Note the line with @="txtfile"
Further down there is an entry named "txtfile". Mine looks like...


@="Text Document"









The values display here as hex but if you go into regedit, shell -> open -> command is displayed as %SystemRoot%\system32\NOTEPAD.EXE %1

you can reset these two entries by copying the first block into txt1.reg and the second block into txt2.reg, then merging them into the registry. Do a backup of your registry before you do this.

Oops. I read the posting then got called away and answered a question you hadn't asked. Please ignore the previous post and I'll see if I can find the registry entry for the desktop context menu.

Sonofagun. I was closer than I thought. Go back to my first posting and do what I said about merging. The values under ShellNew are the entries that determine whether the associated object (eg .txt for text file) appears under the "New" context menu item. My ShellNew for .txt has the following values (in non-hex)

(Default) REG_SZ (value not set)
ItemName REG_EXPAND_SZ @%SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe,-470
NullFile REG_SZ

But don't add these values in manually. Use the files I exported otherwise you may screw up the REG_EXPAND_SZ entries. When these values are evaluated, the %parms% are replaced with the associated environment variables. If i have confused you I will be happy to try to explain further.

just repair your registry by repairing your system, that would solved your problem...,