okay so I'll start with specs:
windows 7 64 bit home premium
AMD phenom II x4 2.8ghz quad core
ATI on-board graphics(nothing added on, no new drivers)
1TB WD SATA II drive, dual-algorithm encrypted
not sure on the power supply

pretty stock, nothing new added on, but also doubting this is a hardware problem

so I've had my fair share of removing virus's and usually safe mode or even malware-bytes by itself does the job quite well, but this case is different. I did an array of scans using malware-byte, MSE(microsoft security essentials) and only found some trojan.downloader but thats deleted. Also assuming thats not a big deal, this all started back when i was getting lazy and not sorting out my desktop, obviously the more time you spend on 4chan the more your desktop just becomes swelled with cats and frog pictures. But then after it was filled off the screen's end, it started acting weird. I loaded up the desination folder in one window and and my destop in explorer, then once i selected more then maybe 15 items at once the circle icon came up and then the screen went white. after trying over and over i finally got the items transferred and now had a clean desktop BUT. As the week progressed i would get the little "thinking" blue-ring and sometimes explorer would crash. It now is at the point where even starting up the computer is a mess, it randomly freezes, and restarts explorer over and over and over, and sometimes programs get stuck as well. I've never seen anything like this and I've been troubleshooting windows for a good 5 years, i dont even know where to start, is it possible to corrupt explorer? i wanted to check and compare the size of explorer for windows 7, but my laptop is release canadate 32 bit, so i dont think the comparison is fair, anything you need to know, ask away and also i appologize for any spelling or grammatical errors, I'm just freaked out, I don't want to resort to my first clean re-install.

bumping for assistance, also newly verified explorer.exe in the windows directory is byte for byte the exact size, and verified with sfc command in commmand prompt, uhhhhhh lets see ive also tried ending explorer completly and restarting it in task manager but yet it still restarts every 30 seconds or so, its SOOO hard to even do normal diagnostics when everything is freezing or quitting on me.

bumping again.....

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