Hello all,

This has only happened 2 or 3 times but all have been over the past year or so, it is more confusing and frustrating than troubling but still something i would like to get to the bottom of.

Seemingly randomly, my entire home network, consisting of 4 computers connected by wireless will simultaneously stop loading web pages, but only some. It seems i can still use most applications (i was playing starcraft 2 while on skype, both of those continued to work but could not access web pages over any of the 4 computers), however some websites will partially load and others won't load at all.

This only happens rarely thus it didn't start after any big changes, we have changed ISPs during this time period (unrelated), got a new modem (died), and so i don't understand what could be causing this simultaneously. As far as i know it's not a virus, unless it can effect the entire network.

Anyway i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what may be causing this, maybe just pitch some things that might be triggering it, i might be able to solve it myself with the right trigger :)

By the way, the network consists of 2 laptops both running vista and 2 desktops both running xp.


Is your modem/router set to dhcp or static ip?

Umm, how would i find that out? I'm not up with a lot of the hardware stuff.

On one of the XP machines, click start then type cmd in the run box and press enter. In the dosbox that will appear type ipconfig /all and press enter. That will amnogst other things show if it is set to dhcp ir static ip. You will then need to have a read of your modem/router's manual and find out how to check its status.

Ok thanks, i have done that and it says "Dhcp Enabled........yes"

I assume that answers your question.

Now what do you mean by check it's status? What should i be looking for?

By the way thanks for helping :)

On your router, you need to check that it is set to dhcp. It should also keep an event log, see if any problems show up on that.

Also, the next time it happens, make a note of the time and date then have a look in the event viewer of one of the affected machines to see if any errors correspond. Event viewer instructions - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308427