I am going to try and explain this issue as best as i can.

operating system windows 7 64bit

issue = I have an Western Digital 500GB external Hard drive, that has over 700 AVI files on the drive. i used to be able to play the files perfectly fine with on my Windows XP service pack 2, and my windows 7 32 bit operating systems with Divx or Windows Media Player, Now that i have upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit, When i went to burn an avi file using the software of "xilisoft dvd creator" which i have used on all operating systems. the first time i went to burn the software it only burnt 3 minutes of the movie, which the movie is twilight, the second time i went to burn the movie it burn 1 hr and 31 minutes of the movie with fantastic four at the last 5 minutes, tried it one more time and the same thing happened, and no i did not have fantastic four in the burning software, so I reloaded my operating system thinking that was the issue. and when i went to play the same avi file of twilight from my external hard drive with divx i was getting the error of "unsupported format and cannot be played without installing additional Direct Show Filters" When i tried to play with windows media player 12 i got the following error "windows media player encountered a problem" I tried to burn the file as an iso image to a dvd and load it up in a windows vista lab top and I got the same errors with the same programs. I did some research and i downloaded something called fddshow filters, which now i can play the file with divx or windows media player now, so i attempted to now burn the file with Nero 10 which i bought, and used Nero Vision and when i tried to burn it i got the error of "nero vision has experienced a serious problem and must close immediately" and it happened twice, i went to burn another AVI file from the same Harddrive and did not get the error, then i did some more research and download what was called "DivFix++" but when i loaded this file to the program it said it was not an AVI file.

So with all this information given if anyone needs any more information to further help please let me know, but can anyone let me know if its just a file issue, and if so what to do, or is it a hard drive issue.


What you are doing is piracy of copyrighted material and is against the law. We cannot help you with your issue!!!

I agree with Rik if that is the case, however I have had trouble with western digital trying to record very large files (on some wd disks) the os is in hardware and only allows a certain size of files.
It may be worth trying to burn onto your internal hard disk first and then transfering them but again if they are large (bigger than 4 gb) I suspect it wont work.
UNfortunately my solution was to reformat on a different drive and use an OS that copes with very large files!

I will make the assumption that you have purchased these videos and just want to burn a CD/DVD for your personal use? :-)

Assuming that, the message about missing video filters/codecs is probably the correct hint, that you need to install additional software so that these files can be played by your normal video players and burned with your favorite tools. Have you tried installing VLC and see if that can play them? It comes with codecs/filters for just about every format known built in.

you can remove software and re-install, may be it solved