I've had my laptop for a while, over the course of the last month it would make beeping sounds and shut down automatically occassionally(maybe once every 4-5 days). Today i tried to turn on my laptop and the little led light shows that the screen is turned on and hd activity but there is only a black screen, I would sit there thinking maybe my screen may have blown or something, but it seems as if windows dosen't load(i tried to hook up my mouse and check to see if the light turns on which happens whenever windows boots up). Any ideas? Any help is appreciated thanks.

Edit: Oh yea
Averatec 5200
Athlon Xp 2800+
Windows XP
512 MB DDR Ram
40 Gb HD
Integrated Card

Sounds like either your motherboard or CPU fried. If the screen was broken, Windows would still boot. If windows was broken, you would still get an error message on the screen.
Are you sure there is HDD activity? I'm not sure, but I don't think HDD activity would happen if either motherboard or processor was dead. On that note, are you positive Windows isn't starting?

Like I said, I think the motherboard or CPU is the most likely culprit. You should probably take it to a professional if you havn't done so yet. It will take money, but it shouldn't take too long to repair unless whomever you take it to is swamped with other systems to repair. When my motherboard fried itself, I took it in to a small PC repair joint (though they do get alot of customers) at about 2:00PM and got a call from one of the guys that he determined that it was definately the motherboard around 7:00PM.
I was a little annoyed that I determined that was the problem earlier in the day but decided not to risk the $130 on a new motherboard that I may not have needed.