hello, i tried to back up a dvd the other day and i noticed that my computer had restarted itself. i tried it again and i believe it did it again. so i turned off the computer and figured i'd try it again. well when i turned on the computer it would get to the blue windows screen saying it's starting windows and would stop there. no matter how long i left it so i think i can assume it was something with the backup that messed it up. i have an amd 3200 64bit processor and 2 120gb hdd. i really don't want to wipe the drive and re-install everything again but i'm not sure what else to do. i tried to boot from the cd and do the repair but i'm not really sure how to use those options especially when it brings up the command prompts.
i tried the f8 options and even tried to restore to last known good config but that didn't work. and then i tried safe mode and still the same thing. if i could get to the start menu i could go back and restore however i can't. can someone help?

The two most helpful commands when you are at the Recovery Console prompt are:

  • sfc /scannow
  • chkdsk /r

Run these commands at the prompt, wait for them to finish, and reboot. Let us know if there is any change to your system after running these.

will do but will these commands actually make any changes? they looked like scan and check disk commands. i will try them out 1st thing tomorrow and see thanks for the help