I have an HP motherboard model # 583366-001 and whenever I attempt to install Windows 7 I get a message stating that my cd/dvd driver is missing. I've tried three different hard drives and two different cd drives IDE, sata and usb and I still get the same error message. Any ideas? Thanks!

Re assmeble the parts. Take out the cover and re assemble the parts they might be lose or you might have a malware on your computer. Do a full scan as well

I have already tried multiple drives, so I feel that the chances of a loose connection are slim, but I also did not mention that this is a new build. I am also unsure how it is possible to have malware, or for that matter to do a malware scan, without an OS installed.


From the sounds of it, it sounds like a driver issue, but that really doesn't make much sence either as it should be using a generic set of drivers anyway. Maybe not a loose connection, maybe bad wires, powersupply, not connected to the motherboard properly? Do you have any lights on the drive, be 100% you are gettin power before moving on.

Are the parts all new, or is this particular configuration/build just new? Are all the parts known good? Tested in another machine? What about the PSU? Output?

Are the jumpers on the drives in some goofy position (masters/slave/cable select) that they shouldn't be in for the way you have it set up? Are you hooked up to the right header on your IDE cable (if it has multiple headers) when using that configuration?

Hey are the drives that you are installing a combination of SATA and IDE?, if so stick to only one if you use SATA use it for both your hard drive and dvd/cd drive and if its IDE use the same combination.

Did you try using a different CD to install Win7 instead of changing hardwares?

The problem is the cd drive can't be read louis you have to work from the ground up on this one and should in most cases anyway. Every time you start with software and go down you will most likely wind up wasting alot of precious time.

I asked if he tried using different win7 installer because he said he tried using different hard & cd drives. No harm trying if you've tried re-assembling the parts and still it doesn't work.

What you said louis is what i said also. See my first post at the top. The orginal posterhave not come back and tell us his progress. Try using other installation disk like what louis stated if fail just let your laptop have it looked by an expert

commented: good point thank you for reminding us of this and checking for old threads +3

You must have an older WIn7 install CD/DVD and the easiest thing to do is creats 30gb first and then whatever you need for Win7 after.

Install Winxp to the 30gb partition with the basic's and then insert the Win7 media, do Install and it will say it will check for Comaptibily/Updated Driver's. Install to the 2nd Partition you created.

But I would advise you to first, copy your Win7 CD and try the copy, as I have found, some drives do not correctly boot from the OS install disc's.