I am not sure if anyone knows of a program that does fingerprint and face reconition. I would like it to require both face and fingerprint to login. Maybe if so many failed attemps it can shut off the computer as well. But I also need a back door like a password that is not easy to find. I do not care if the backdore is some 20 digit code that is random or requires another disk to be able to get in.

Sounds complicated but that is who I am... Thanks! (Running W7 64Bit)

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Some computers have already that features. you have to put your thumb over a pad and it will sense your thumb print. There is many software for face login as well. There is a camera at the top of your laptop ( When the screen is open up and facing you ). The camera will sense your face and allow you to enter. Is that what your want?

I know.... Please stop commenting on my posts like I am special. Yes my laptop has a webcam as well as a fingerprint scanner. And I can already login with the fingerprint sensor with digital persona. I know of face reconition software as well.

I am looking for some software that requires both to be able to login into the laptop.

You mean you need to scan your fingerprint and check your face then you can login. developers are developing such software now, i have not heard before. You can try finding answers on the net if you want

But in the future products will be common in the streets. just wait a few more years or maybe a few more months. So basically i am saying there is none. I just found out but developers are starting to develop such softwares

Ok. I know there is such software but it must not be for home/recreational purposes yet.

you are right. Know such software is use for security maybe the FBI or other agents use it.

a friend just told me the other day that his laptop has face recognition i will check with him on monday to see fur sure

Yup, as i have said before there are many softwares for either face recognition or thumb print. Not two in one. The poster want both together, face recognition and thumb print scan to be able to log in to the computer. Currently, such products are not release to the public yet. Have to keep waiting...

Most business laptops come with Finger + Face Recognition.

My Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad has both. "Verifinger" and "Veriface"

Even the consumer grade ones (e.g. ideapad G560) can do Veriface with the webcam.

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