Dear Sir/Madam,

Recently, i got a problem on loading OS XP professional SP-II. I have installed the OS bringing my Hard Disk into another computer where with my Hard Disk's OS is running smoothly. But when i installing the same Hard Disk into my computer it is not loading the OS. It is saying that run in safe mod, safe mode in command prompt, normal mode etc. I have run all that options. But result is same.

I am unable to understand what happen to my PC. Please guide me sir/madam.

Note :-
My Machine
P4 Processor 2.4 GHz, DVD Writter, CD writter, unplug Floppy Drive etc

Other Machine
P4 Processor 2.6 GHz, Floppy Drive, CD writter, Internal Modem etc

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An install of XP is designed to run on 1 PC, not on 2 different ones. Most if not all OS installs are designed to work like that.

When you install the OS in the hardisk using another computer. It saves the data on the motherboard to the disk. So that's why the other PC wont read the OS that has been installed in the hard disk. Unless it has the same specs of the motherboard with the other PC that you've used in installing the OS into the hard disk.

Dear Vanzhyme,

Thanks for replying sir, It may be sir what you have said. Because both the mother board are different. And thank you all of sir.

I've experienced that one too, why don't you try formatting the hard disk on the PC where it belongs. It will work.

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