I have read(in an unsolved thread) that IE9 does not support framesets.

i still use ie8 and it works just fine for me, but when i upgrade,
ie9 acts like its infected and hangs

i tried reinstalling with security essentials disabled, but no luck,
could windows defender be interfering?
i searched technet and the web a little bit, but i gave up and went back to 8

i use win7 pro, 2.1GHz cpu,1.5GB ram

This is not an emergency, so please only post if you are 100% sure you can help or need more information about my system or network or problem, thanks!

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The problem lies with IE8, go and check microsoft blogs for the answers. What it your problem actually can show us a screenshot or image of it. There are many issues with IE9 now, so we need a picture to identify the problem and help you skilly. Good luck.

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well.. i have no video problem. it's just too slow too load everything on a big page. facebook works ok, but no flash player! too slow too download flash player!
compatability button did not seem to help.

my videocard is 128MB ati radeon 9600 if that'll help at all. i didn't check the microsoft blogs very much yet, though because i think i shouldn't have to(it should work better by now!) but i'll check again, thanks

-edit after browsing this site, i'm thinking maybe it's because my setup is not fully ready for ipv6, so i can't really test it out good then, but still not sure

since you say the problem lies with ie8, then maybe i should uninstall/de-upgrade(if possible) and do a clean install of ie9? because my installation of ie9 was listed as an upgrade? i will go check microsof now because i keep thinkin bout it!

well i set my OS for 'best perfomance', pre-downloaded an update from micro,
turned off active virus protection, and re-upgraded to ie9(not clean install)

after installing, works tiny bit better, but not near fast enough!
new virus definitions released today(?) didn't find anything.
when i ran upgrade it just said something like,"upgrade not needed on this computer"

i think my computer is just old&weak& not ready for ipv6.
i'm going back to ie8 until i get another idea...

On your attached screenshot, your CPU spikes at 100% and it seems it stays at 100% for long periods. That can cause slowness/hanging on everything on your pc.

so you agree that my box is just old&weak, right kraai?

I don't realy know, but it seems it might be running high on CPU. There is some stuff tou can do.

1. Find out what process/processes are using up your CPU by opening your task manager and look at the processes running. (Sometimes you may find a strange process running that may be a virus, you never know) See if you can kill those processes if you realy do not need them right away. Many runs automatically on startup incase you need them later.

2. Use a good cleaner, like Ccleaner to clean up all your cookies/temps/browser history/download temps/recycle etc.

3. If above does not help to speed things up, see the maximum memory your MB can take, and upgrade to it. Currently you have 650MB see if your MB can handle at least 1Gig and upgrade then memory cards to 1 Gig.

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i need to do more research,

but my computer already has 1.5GB memory(1024MB+512MB)
right now my cpu is the weak part of my box(2.1GHz=3.4 windows exp. rating)

What other applications are you running at that time when your IE9 start to become slow, if there are other applications, quit all of them and run IE9 only. See whether your browser is still slow, if yes. Try other browser to see whether when using the internet it is slow or not. If they are fast something is wrong with your IE9, you can either delete it or re download it.

wrong - skilly

Wrong? Are you asking questions to get help, or are you here to play teacher and give crosses for answers you do not like? I think you will have a problem finding anyone willing to help you if that is your attitute.

my opinion is win7 and ie9 needs more like 2.5-3gig ram ,not 1.5 'i use ie9 and it runs quit fast and well for me no issues at all ,on duel core laptop with 3 gig ram on 32bit and 4 gig on 64 bit .
so i say yes your machine is old and tired bent and busted [lol]and meant for winxp

yes indeed! 6 year-old computer!

so the answer is no. IE9 is not useless.

but it is useless on my computer

yes indeed! 6 year-old computer!

so the answer is no. IE9 is not useless.

but it is useless on my computer

old computer work fine until update your software !!

According to your thread title, you question was is IE9 useless so far? You are asking for help for your browser, it is not even related to your thread title. Second thing, IE9 is not as good as you thing even though your OS is better, IE9 is also more prone to hackers and cookie jacking. I also agreed with Kraai, about you giving negative rep for wrong answers.

seems the ads, and the apps, and the constant refreshing.....have made my old machine..old
nothing i can do...no job...no money...no future....801/2 whatever ac....EI8 has now become useless...goodbye cruel world

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