I have a dual boot PC with Windows XP pro SP3 and Windows 7 pro. In XP IE8 I open my bank home page and write my user and password and the following page won't open.I get the message that IE can't open the page and to check etc.. With Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari I have no problem except that there is overlapping and shows some codes. In Windows 7 and IE8 I have no problem either except some code showing. This problem started about three weeks ago, at first I thought it was a problem with my wireless router but now I am not sure. I uninstalled IE8 and reinstalled but the problem continues.

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Upgrade your browser to IE9 on Windows Xp and do a virus scan. The problem could have cause by IE8

What you can do first

1) See whether page open by IE8 are having the problem
2) Clear your browsing data, include your history, cookies and cache. Don't clear the bookmarks if you want to keep it
3) Reset Internet Exploter Settings to default
4) Disable your adds on for the time being

I did everything. Is there a time period for IE8 to open the page after which it says that it cannot open? I ask because since my connection is rather slow and before, it did open the page even after a rather long period. Firefox opens the page even after the same period.

For your first part of the question no. Do a Ping test to check whether your internet connection is slow. Does other browser have the same problem?

No the work just fine.

Did you try to open another website within IE8? If other website can still be open, that means your IE has a problem.

If the above suggestion pass or fail, try to use IE (without add-on) in Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools. If you can open the website you want to open, that means an add-on is conflicting with your IE

Hi Flagstar, poster have already follow all my suggestion posted above in my first post. Does not seem to work.

Hi George i would suggest you export your bookamrks and install IE9 and see whether there is any problem with the IE9 browser. Best of luck to you.:)

@Jingda didn't notice that in the last post... sorry

I thought IE9 is not supported in XP anymore and can only works in Vista or later (maybe I'm just wrong) since I still use IE8 due to unsupported IE9 in XP


maybe you just have a corrupted windows. any IE version is bind with windows so some error in windows might trigger the problem.

Open run command in start menu and enter 'cmd' and click enter. Type this line below

chkdsk c: /f /x /r

it'll prompt you to do it on next restart. Type 'y' and press enter. Exit all programs and restart. After boot and loading screen, it should come up with blue background saying it'll check your disk. Let it run and it'll restart by itself when it's done

@ George

Does this problem happen when you first start using IE8. If yes, IE8 might be corrupted by a malware or a fake version of IE8. Do a scan using the Free version of MalwareBytes.

See here . Its ok Flagstar:) Glad that you share the same sentiment as me.

Restore IE8 to default settings. this may solve the problem.

Hi sunnyrepairs, that is what i have said at first. Please read the first few post before posting.

IE9's security is broken keep in mind ;)
(it does work in XP, but I recommend not updating, unless MS patched IE9, which I havn't heard of)

Win7 has newer libraries which may be the reason some sites work in IE8 on 7 and not XP.

but also keep in mind that alot of websites have stopped supporting IE8, even though it's more secure (without ActiveX) than FireFox (Gecko Engine).

what I recommend, if you want to stay safe, I've looked into recent chrome...
it's the only browser that seems to have Malware Protection.

though there's shady speculations that google everything you do...
a (much safer) work-around for this is to install Comodo Dragon (Chromium with better malware protection, and Comodo Secure DNS)
though there have been issues with some sites...
(I've had issues with sites using Disqus, and couldn't post)

for extended security, you can block web content from ALL sites and only allow the content you trust.
(chrome is the most convenient when it comes to allowing web content)

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