I recently inserted my USB Thumb Drive into my computer and found one of the folders and all the files within the folder with file names such as this $5[]%6$3$@#. I knew there was something wrong, so I extracted and reinserted the key again, this time I let Windows7 do a scan on the thumb drive, that fixed the thumb drive except that Windows make a file out of the folder including all of it's sub-folders and contents. The file size is basically the same as it originally was, except it's a file that has no origin to any program and I have no idea on how to convert it to the original folder and file, does anyone have any experience with this problem ?

This is because supported file (Driver in your case) is not installed.

Next time when you format your computer. Keep your new device connected while installing Operating system. your problem may get solved.

This is because supported file (Driver in your case) is not installed.

What driver, the USB Driver ?

Sometime it is better to click on the "Safely remove device" icon on the bottom panel and wait for the message that "Device is safe to be remove" before removing the USB drive. It could be some corrupted files. But better scan if it is a virus infected file just in case.

There is no virus, I already mentioned it fixed the drive now it's a single file that is unreadable !

You can right click the file and go to properties and check what type of file or folder it is. It could be a back up of the original files or folder when your Window 7 scan it. How long is your pen drive by the way? If it still new than you may want to claim for a warranty.

Windows just tells me the type of file it is, is 'file'. I honestly do believe that it is a backup of the original files and folders, but how the heck do I change it to those folders and files ?