Hi folks, I am working with a HP Pavilion, running WinXP, 1024RAM, and normal factory parts. It is however, USB 1.0 - and I believe this is part of the problem.
I am trying to get a Kodak ESPOffice 2150 AIO printer installed and followed all of kodak's instructions for the disk, the usb wire, etc.
it gets to the point when it 'says' the printer is installed, then i get a software error (105-1000009) on the status monitor popup when we try to print a test page.
It had been showing in Printers/Faxes portion in Control Panel, and after the third uninstall, take apart, slowly repeat steps, restart and so on - now it's not even showing as a printer in that category in control panel.
and there is a message in part of the kodak screen now that says after 'it cannot detect.............." that "The data is invalid".

Yes, I have communicated with kodak to no avail. still awaiting a response to most recent contact. Used their manuals and instructions, and even took time and viewed the video instr. on the site (which I find very awkward to navigate - info is just not clearly defined there).
I do not want to have to lug this back and trade it for a different one, but this is getting ridiculous.

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Did you try to use other printers before? If yes, did it work fine?

I just want to clarify that it's not windows problem. I once handle this case and I've to reformat windows for him before the printer work as it should be...

Lets hope it's not going to be a reformat unless you want to do it anyway...


Thank you for your response. Yes, other printers have worked. This is a driver issue I really believe, and I seriously doubt a reformat is even in consideration, if ever. I am not convinced that reformatting is any kind of first course of action. I am also still awaiting a solution from manufac. site as well.


Might as well to try this other method if you have another laptop/desktop in your care...

Try to install printer driver for the printer on another computer and check if it works. Sometimes it may just you had a bad printer and need to replace it...

Try first before going on the next method...

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