which is the best browser

I have tried IE 9,Google chrome and Firefox,but I find the best by far is Firefox.

All browsers are relatively good. Opera has made a major improvement with its latest version. Firefox, IE9 and Chrome are the classics browsers. I use Firefox because i am more familiar with it.

So far, it's Firefox for me too...

Here are some of my opinion on different browsers...
IE - only some government site and oldies still prefer this because most computer have IE pre-installed.
Firefox - great stability and less hogging on system resources. have many add-ons that can be installed.
Opera - best for portable usage and mostly used in tablet, android and symbian.
Google Chrome - Fastest browser launch one so far but eat up system resource a lot (multiple tabs) and bit unsecure.

others haven't tested yet so tell me if you want some browser to be tested...

i will try opera for a change

I think Firefox is the best browser....

According to My view Google Chrome

All versions of FireFox.Plugins work great with firefox.

I would choose two of the best browser which are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.. Google Chrome is the fastest and Mozilla Firefox is easy to use and has a lot of features.

Every few months (usually shortly after one of the browsers gets a new release) a review comes out with the results of benchmarks on the major browsers showing how each performs in several areas. Usually (surprise surprise) IE comes out as sub-par while browsers like Chrome and Firefox bobble around at the top, trading places occasionally. I've tried both and prefer Firefox because of the user interface. Chrome may outperform it on some benchmarks (at least this month), but just because it may render 3% faster in the benchmark, are you really going to notice the difference?

[personal anecdote follows - feel free to stop reading now]

I worked in the control centre of a major electric utility for 29 years. The centre was manned 24x7 and I was on call frequently. I got many calls from the users of the type "the [name app] or network seems to be running slow, can you please have a look at it". Every test, even background tests which we ended up running automatically because of the complaints, showed no significant difference in the speed of the app or the network. It ended up being a perceptual problem. How slow the app or network seemed depended on how badly the operator wanted the results.

I think, for most users, perceived browser performance is affected by the users' expectations. Except for IE, of course, which just sucks. But I could be biased ;-)

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According to me, firefox is best explore. It provide speed and also contain so many addons and tool which make the user work more easy then it is. It will also provide a nice security.

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