Hi guys help, my loptop VERSAPRO vy16A/w-1 doesn't have sound even the driver already installed. here's the error msg "Microsoft bus driver should be loaded in your system before installing realtek HD audio driver" Anyone can help me? I can't find any driver for the audio...thanks in advance

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You'll need to install Microsoft Bus Driver first before HD Audio driver could be installed successfully.

You'll probably don't understand Japanese so just scroll down till you found a link looks like this but it's for WinXP. there's a Vista driver as well but I don't know the OS you're running right now...

0610VXP1.EXE( 96,256,474 Bytes)

Download it and run it. If it's installer language is Japanese as well, reply here back so I can guide you step-by-step for it... (Only do this if you use WinXP)


then there might be some problem in your driver still:) un install the driver, reinstall your hardware then try again to install the driver

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