Hello friends! please I need your help now. when i work on my PC the problem occurred. Booting can't be progressed simply it display NTLDR missing please put to me the best solutions.
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boot with your xp install disk....
use the recovery console....
repair your operating system....

If you need details please holler back!


In a nutshell, it sounds like you are in desperate need of some serious defragging or a complete reinstall depending on the severity. It could be possible to fix it without a full reinstall. Check this link and I think it will get you back up and running!



There's no reason to think it's fragmentation, and there is no "repair your operating system"option in recovery console, you can only perform specific repair tasks and need to know which ones are relevant.

To attempt to repair using recovery console insert your Windows disk and when prompted press R to access recovery console. It will ask you which installation to log into (you'll usually just have #1). Enter your administrator password and use the command prompt to enter "fixmbr" and "fixboot". If this doesn't work try a repair install.

To do a repair install ignore the recovery console option and proceed like you're going to do a clean install. Windows will search for existing installations and ask if you'd like to repair the previous installation of windows. It will then replace all system files, leaving data, programs, and drivers installed. It should load properly to windows, install windows updates, and you're good to go.

If it doesn't give you the "repair previous installation" option DO NOT proceed with install, you will lose all date. Post an update here and I'll walk you through additional troubleshooting.

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If this doesn't work try a repair install.QUOTE]

A repair install=OS repair..........

But I am not one to argue.........


Recovery console and repair install are both options, but seperate utilities. You can't do a repair install from the recovery console.

The first time I tried to do a repair install I spent an hour fiddling around with the recovery console before I figured it out, which is why I wanted to explain the difference and give clear instructions.


I'd go with Oly on this. NTLDR hasn't disappeared, it's just that Windows can't find it. Using the Recovery Console options fixmbr and fixboot has sorted this out for me in the past.


just check to see if they is any floopy disk in your machine.
NTLDR stands for network loader. if they is no disk in drive a: then you might need to repair your windows.

are u able to go into safe mode?


NTLDR stands for NT loader (win2k and XP were based on Windows NT and a lot of the components kept the label) It's the "boot loader" that comes with windows and tells the system where to find the operating system(s).

The NTLDR error comes up long before you could go to safemode. It essentially means that the file that loads the operating system isn't available because it's been deleted/corrupted or the computer can't find it because it's looking in the wrong place.


Thanks a lot I solved the problem by your second valuable comment.Again I say 10000 thanks !!

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