Hi All,

I am trying to connect a modem provided by my vendor in xp and windows7 (this modem is used to read remote meters through GPRS). even though i have connected it in different machines(and OS), the device manger doesn't show the modem.when try adding new hardware it fails to detect the modem. no driver CD is provided by vendor.Modem is connected through serial cable(to com port)

*note - vendor has provided a software interface to communicate with modem and configure the SIM card inserted in the modem. that software can detect the IMSI number of the SIM and the modem serial number. so I'm sure that modem is not defected.

modem type - ECD210 (GSM/GPRS modem)

My problem is - the provided software is only to configure the modem. but i can't dial the modem through this. i need OS to detect the software and dial manually through OS.

Can someone suggest a way i can fix this.

If I remember correctly (it's been ages since I've setup a serial modem) serial modems don't get detected as they are not plug & play.

Go to Control Panel / Phone and Modem and install the modem there.
If the auto-detect doesn't find your modem don't give up. Install it manually. If you have a driver use that or else try setting it up as a standard 56k modem or something similar, just to see if this is working.

thanks Adam.
I'll check whether this works