To avoid an old thread bump, I thought I'd just mention as a current Windows ME user (for my processor equipped eMachine, opting to stick with ME for now) I have heard if you bought the system intact on the PC, preferribly new like me, it should run effortlessly, viruses not withstanding... If you on the other hand, tried to upgrade to ME, you could very well have problems. I mentioned before Movie Maker on ME worked VERY well for me in conjunction with Dazzle's (now Pinnicle bought and NOT supported at all) Digital Photo Maker USB device, this used MPEG1 instead of Mpeg2 and worked under Win98 as well as ME, it only needs 200MHz to run.


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Great! thanks for the information!

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Great! thanks for the information!

I Neglected to edit the word processor_ of course all PCs have that_ i meant intel Celeron chip_ Alot of the Nineties (numbers are not responding thanx to my right shift key being held too long) _ anyway> i found most people vocal over ME WINDOWS are ones who have had problems with it_ as it was installed on my emachine and others at the time, i was buying my first_ new_PC. i had no problems and after restoring it, It still functions fine as far as I'm aware.

wWHAT ISN'T WORKING RIGHT NOW IS THE Dam* shift key IT SEEMS it did something right, I set the Accessibility feature to turn off in 5 minutes... Seems it worked, but how do I make sure this is not a problem again?... uninstall these features? What are the default settings?
This is in regards to the XP Home Edition on my latest machine, and I promise I won't keep bring this up again, especially in another thread however, I have the feeling when restarted, the machine will re-activate the keyboard incorrectly again.

One quick note about the Dazzle, since my software went missing, I'm buying another off eBay (actually concluded the auction at present) and when I got it as my first capture device, it has some support and I was able to use a driver so it would mate to Movie Maker, as far as I know, may not work with the ones originally issued on disc but perhaps an online archive. There is no supported driver for XP though I followed others looking for one online.
Just glancing at the 'Sherwood Micro Devices' (?) TV capture card, it is about $50 and accepts video analog sources as well as a TV signal antenna... I never went that route but did use the Dazzle USB with my own analog video players.
Another route to consider, but here again, I'm discussing a feature I felt important to me, the main factor in getting the eMachine 700 was enough power to support DVD, as it was supplied, USB (just added PCI supported USB 2.0 card) and some room to upgrade. For most of the 5 years I had the system the case remained sealed to not void the warranty, and I had heard not long after Circuit City had dropped their end of the warranty on these sounds like it COULD have something to do with the problems with Win ME... I'd like to hear anything else someone might know. I did pay for the extended protection and in the time frame I recall, I think only one issue might have prompted work....Can't recall anymore, though I had found out about the warranty work issues at the time... almost seems like ages ago, but I feel any computer running 500 MHz(preferably 600) on up in processor speed, can do most tasks, albeit slowly

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