I recently switched to Firefox as my browser and like it very much, but I'm having problems downloading from some sites. I had tried on several occasions to download an owners manual from the Samsung USA site only to have it stall every time. I went back to OE and had no problem with the download. If I understand this correctly, there are going to be some sites where i'm going to need "plug ins", are these provided at the site, or is there a download for them as well?


I am just about an exclusive Firefox user, except for a now-and-then run with Safari and Internet Exploder. Have not had a problem downloading things with Firefox.

Have you tried it again? Same results? Wondering if the site (Samsung) is having an issue.


I have a smilar issue with Firefox...
I cant send email with attachments or it will error out. I can send and recieve mail and recieve attachments.

I was wondering if it has something to do with the mime encoding...

Everything works fine if I use IE..

I have dual boot and my 98se with Firefox works fine..

I have reinstalled Firefaox but it did not help...

Got Java enabled? Some download sites use java for the download process.

Got popups blocked? Perhaps you might need to add the particular site as an 'exception' because the download is gonna happen from a popup window.

Got the latest version of Acrobat reader installed? Some earlier versions had both stability issues with IE and plugin problems with Firefox/Mozilla.

Hey guys...thanks for the response.

Yes I do have Java enabled.

I will try allowing popups in the exceptional case.

I have Adobe 6.0, wasn't even aware that a 7.0 was out!

Adobe Reader 7 will probably provide the solution for those pdf manuals ;)

Thanks Catweazle...looks like l will be doing another download on the snailophone line. Operating on the premise that there are no dumb questions, is there any reason to keep the 6.0 version after I download the 7.0?

I'd be uninstalling v 6.0 and then installing v 7.0.

No real necessity to do that, far as I'm aware, but I just think it's the neat and sensible way to do things. I don't think Acro Reader overwrites the earlier version and upgrades it - I think it adds an additional version.

Not real sure, but play it 'safe 'n' sound' anyway :D

Hey guys...I did download the Adobe reader 7.0 and hope this solves some of the problems.
KcOarf, yes I had tried mutiple times without success. I know of at least five readers from another site that had no poblems with the download.
Thong Ispector, I don't know enough about "MIME" other than supporting multi-internet functions, I will have to read some more about it. I was given a link from another site that provides some interesting information about Firefox, check it out.


I have a smilar issue with Firefox...
I cant send email with attachments or it will error out. I can send and recieve mail and recieve attachments.

Are we talking Firefox or Thunderbird, the Mozilla email client? :-|

Many websites on the 'net are made with purely IE in mind, with some refusing to work properly in anything other than Microsoft's browser. Are you able to provide a link to the page where were trying to download a manual?