Hey guys, I have an Acer Aspire 4732Z laptop. My battery is Li-Ion battery. I have just had this problem a while ago. I've been googling but Im really not in to hardware stuffs. Don't know where to put this thread. Since I have a windows 7 OS, Im guessing this is the best place.
Anyway, when I charge my laptop, battery says "plugged in but not charged". If I don't charge my laptop, the laptop dies (if it's on) or it doesn't turned on (if it's off).
To sum it up, my laptop needs to be connected to a power source in order for it to be turned on.
Please help me guys. Is it a battery problem? I can't test it with another battery since I don't have any and I'm still a kid, I don't have money to buy another one.


Try to Remove the Battery and Plug it again and Switch on the Laptop, with the Charger connected to it, Then see the Pop-Up Message on the Battery.

good Luck

Some batteries have a small (can be hard to see) button which, when pressed (at least on my Dell) indicates the health of the battery depending on how many LEDs light up. Yours may have something similar. Lacking that you might try to go to

Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Power Options

Where (depending on the manufacturer) you may find an item similar to "Dell Battery Meter" which has a tab where you can check the health of your battery. Good luck.

thanks. my battery health has a plug icon thing saying plugged in but not charging. The health is 7%. It's not growing.
@nuwan4u I tried taking my battery off, turned my laptop on, there's no pop up. :(

Did you can actually boot your laptop without battery plugged in?
If that works, then there's something wrong with your battery...

The toolbar icon does not tell you your battery's health. It only tells you the charge status. Check the control panel like I suggested.

Your battery is faulty, you need a replacement. Try taking it to a repair shop if you do not know how to replace your battery. All the best:)