Wow..2 in one day.
Windows 2000...everything functions normally. The CD-Rom is hardly used. The other day a cd was inserted and the system restarted. It happens everytime the CD-Rom is in use. No viruses, spyware, etc. Tried a new CD-Rom..same thing. However! When the computer is in safe works! Thinking there might be something in the start up. Any suggestions? :-|

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Do you have Easy CD Creator installed on that computer? This can be anything, a software, or hardware issue. Tell me more about this computer. Have you installed any new hardware recently? How about new software? Go into Device Manager, and find the pesky CD drive, and click on it and click on uninstall, then reboot your computer, to see if windows finds it again, now try it.

If that didn't work, try this: Can you open your computer up, disconnect the power cord, touch the metal, on the case, to discharge any static, and disconnect the cables from the faulty CD drive. Then reboot your computer, turn it off normally, then reinstall the CD drive cables and reboot.

Like I said, it's a head scratcher. No Easy CD Creator.... nothing new installed....everything else is running fine. I'll take your soon as I can remove my hands from it's throat. (the computer of course) Thanks...I'll keep you posted.

Sounds like a power problem.
Any new hardware installed recently? Could be your CD-ROM player is pulling enough power when used that your powersupply can't keep up and your system goes down as a result.

Had something similar when installing a DVD writer, had to disconnect 2 of my 6 harddisks to get it enough juice to run stable.

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