Win XP - RAM = 256 MB - Capacity 37 GB (free)
My pc freezes frequently while online (using AOL 9.0/IE7) - showing 100% CPU.
AOL UTILITIES show Memory 254 MB (76% load) - Page File Usage 100% free.
I have no idea what these % values mean - and wonder if someone here would explain if this has anything to do with websites freezing? To me, AOL is so bloated with programs and features I will never use, and if someone also know of a way to delete some of these (AOL) unused progs, it will be much appreciated.

Simple explanation... Care to anybody to correct it if I'm wrong..

Memory or RAM is what your computer use to store temporary data and to run programs in live mode.

Pagefile on the other hand pretty much the same as RAM but instead, it use HDD free space to store temporary data. It also access much slower compare to RAM...

In my opinion, 256MB RAM is low for Win XP OS to operate normally since normally to run Windows XP normally, it need at least 512MB RAM so that other programs can initialize properly...

agree with you both,not enough ram,and aol is bloated software,add more ram at least another 512meg.
old computers are ok as long as you don't need to upgrade you software to the latest stuff, but todays internet browsers are a big upgrade in software ,the internet is so bloated with advertising ,and a lot of it is in the forum of streaming videos ,just too much for your cpu and the small amount of ram you have