I have currently in my possession the following computer:

Dell PowerEdge SC430
Intel Mother Board
LGA775 Processor Socket
2.5 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor
2 x WD SATA HDD 80GB in Mirrored RAID
Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard

I am looking at currently keeping this RAID with the HDDs and replacing two things.

1. The OS with Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit

2. The Current 2.5 Intel Dual Core Processor with one of the following:
A) Intel Pentium 3.33 GHz Processor (LINK)
B) Intel Pentium 3 GHz Processor (LINK)
C) Intel Core 2 Quad 2.5 GHz Processor (LINK)

Which of the three processors do you guys think may bring me a better result for this computer. Since it is an Intel board, I was thinking to keep with Intel for the processor so these are the ones that I found recently that fit in the board socket.

the nodel # of the motherboard would be good to know ,im not sure if it will compatible with the quad cpu.

edit ,just found this and it looks like a budget tower and will not take any of the cpu you listed .

i don't know a lot about raid ,but,i think you will be able to keep it raid, but not the raid you have now as all will be lost with the install of the new win7 install

Okay, the numbers I have from the board are:

Dell Part: NJ886
MoBo Part: E139765

If those help.

By looking around from what I've looked at I can only find information for it using 800MHz FBS Dual Core processors. Not sure if that is entirely true though.

yeah i read it wrong last time ,i guess it will use the duel core 3gig in you first links ,as is stated in the link in my other post .the pentium d ,is duel core cpu

Aparently when i looked up the processor pruduct numbers it came up as:

Pentium D
Dual Core
800 MHz FBS
2.5 GHz
64-bit Capable

Looking at that actually answered another of my questions. But the main thing is possibly doing an upgrade of the processor. Not sure which one would be better or if the board will take anything larger than an 800Mhz.

according to the link i posted above ,it will only go as high a 3.0ghz cpu at 800fsb,you already have a 2.5 ,if it were me i wouldn't spend to much to achieve the extra .5ghz

well, in that case it might be best to leave it like it is. But the old OS is still usable but I plan on leaving it intact by replacing the HDDs in the RAID. But that is another matter. Thanks for the help and input. Hope all have a good day.