I tried using the windows experience rating app today and got an interesting result. I received an error: 'Could not measure storage performance. Failed to properly assess the disk. The parameter is incorrect.' I checked winsat log for the errors and there was only one 'winsat\processwinsaterror.cpp:0095: ERROR: tried to read resource strings, unknown exception occurred' I thought I would restart and try again, but it hung at restart so I checked the cmos setup an noticed that my hard drive is listed as the third drive and my cd/dvd is fourth drive listed. They were previously Listed as one and two respectively. I am unable to change it back and I am hoping that it will be okay. Has anyone else had this problem?

Are you using desktop or laptop?

If you're using desktop, try to open the casing and check whether HDD and DVD-Rom cable were connected to the right port eg. Sata O, Sata 1

Most probably it's BIOS has gone wrong. Did you access BIOS before?

how many hard drives do you have installed. don't forget about slaving one one of them.