I am working on a project. I am a pen-tester. now at home i dont really have alot of computers that i can use so i got virtual box and i have created 2 windows xp 32 bit hdd on that virtual box. No i want to setup the computers as if they were of some busines that had all their computers connected to the main computer.

something similar is in windows 7 a homegroup. I have tried to create a small business or home network but it says i am missing hardware. on the vmware the network options are set to bridge addapter. i can browse the web from my "target" computer but i cant setup that kind of network.

my network consists of of a netgear modem and a cable connecting my computer to it.

How can i setup this kind of network?


For network connectivity, a logical Windows "home" network is not needed. If you are pen-testing, all you need is to ensure that all of your hosts are accessbile on the network. If you have bridged the adapter virtual NICs with the one on the host computer, as long as they are all configured on the same subnet, you should have connectivity.

Have you verfiied that each of the hosts can PING each other by IP?

Is there a specific reason why you are trying to create a Windows "home group". The home group concept is really for sharing resources, not for network connectivity.

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