VGA of my computer has being uninstalled acidently..
Its a Nvidia ...but i can't find the model.. theres a number

I want to find the drivers for it through Internet. Is it possible. How?where?

how can I find the model?

(i doubt the number is not a modle number!)

Get Everest Free and have it scan your pc. It will show what graphics it is.
Do you have card, or is it on-board?

It is seperate...When I found the type where can I download the drivers?

I'll chek that & reply. thankx

I checked that. it only finds that the VGA driver is missing.. I want to find out the model of it....
where can i find that???

Try using this to detect the name of your graphics card. You'll probably be able to download the drivers via NVIDIA.

In Everest, go to the Display option at the left and it should open a drop down list. Click pn the GPU and it should tell you there what it is.