Hey, well i used to have internet on my computer at work but they shut our building down for some reason. First off after they shut it down i could still acess the internet checkers and those games that come with microsoft but internet explorer and msn messenger stopped working.....now nothing works but i can recieve emails from friends and from my cell phone through outlook express. I connect through a main server for all my information such as email and such i also use it to talk to other employees on the network. I am abviously still linked to the internet if i can recieve files but nothing works....any ideas it would be greatly helpfull. For anyone who is going to say i should be working and not playing i run CNC equipment and sometimes do nothing for 8 hours while its cutting so there isnt really no point for me not to use the internet to pass the time. Any help is appreciated. Thanks: Craig

way too many variables are missing from this post for anyone to tell you anything. do you login with novell or is it a microsoft login so you're running in an active directory environment.
When you do open an internet explorer window is it just completely disabled or do you get some type of blocker like "surf control"
With out knowing anything the only tip i can give you is go to regedit.com and look up for forgotten registry password. it will get you into the registry and more importantly, the internet explorer options and potentially diable the proxy if that is the problem

there's just too many details missing to give you a good answer.

As a network administrator i give you the advice that even though you fiddle with your thumbs all day sometimes, don't mess with the network, i'm required to report any of these issues to our internal control department and then the employee is no longer with us

for some light entertainment, most admin's forget to uninstall games like solitare so go to your run promp and type "sol" i'd bet there's a 90% it's still installed on your computer and at most they just removed it from the start menu

Good luck and hopefully things work out for you

I log in using microsoft login and it just says no connection was found.....like you are not connected to the internet. I no the administrators password so i have full acess to our main server if needed. If its something simple to do i will do it.....but if i risk messing the network i will not touch it.

why don't you just talk to to your system admin?

there are quite a few solutions
1. every protocol but pop3/smtp is blocked at the firewall
2. everything is blocked, and the only computer with internet access is your local MX
3. a proxy has been installed, and you need to find it's settings out to use it