Ok, here is the situation.I am helping a friend start a computer given to her...Problem is, I need administrative password to get into some settings.Noone knows the password...I was then able to at least get her on the internet, but the content advisory message keeps popping up needing administrator password, every time i try to enter a website.Even Kids websites..I need to know if there is a way to change administrator password or if not at least stop the content advisory message from popping up needing administrators permission.She is using windows xp pro.Internet explorer.i am sure after researching that its impossible without the xp disk to change Adm. password, but im hoping there is a way i can fix it so she can enter websites, without this popping up.i appreciate all help....thanks!

nevermind.i found a way by downloading a free legal program that works....WinASO Registry Optimizer which a free version of is located on Download.com.winaso fixes registry, optimizes computer, and fixes internet problems.check all boxes in fix explorer.the last box checked is remove all content advisory or ratings password.also i was able to bypass administrator by making myself the administrator, then ran aso, and have not been asked to provide any passwords.Hope this helps.all links to password finders, and other ways i tried to fix passwords failed.even ones provided in this forum.so try aso and see if it it works.much safer

Helo Man,

Just Open Start>run>regedit>hklm/software/microsoft/windows/polices/rating/..

Delete The Key On Right Side

Then Search For *.rat File And Rename It

Then Restart The System
It Would Work

Plz Inform Me About The Results Ok