Hope I am in the correct place for this message! Ever since I changed to broadband and AOL I seem to have lost Internet Explorer. IE is not listed as being on my computer at all. I am OK with using computers but as soon as anything goes wrong, I am stuck.

Can anyone help me, prefably in layman's language.


Click Start>Run. In the run box, type "iexplore.exe" If IE launches, then only the shortcuts have been deleted. You can re create the shortcuts manually by creating new shortcuts with the path as %ProgramFilesDir%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe.

%ProgramFilesDir% is the folder named "Program Files" in the drive in which windows is installed (Typically C:)

If typing iexplore.exe gives you an error, you have to re install Internet Explorer. Head to www.microsoft.com/ie to download IE6

Get Fire Fox :D lol

By lost the IE, i'm guessing that you mean the icon on the desk top is missing, if that is the case there is an easier way to replace it.

Click on start
Go to search
Type in Internet Explorer
Click on search

In the search results you will find a few IE icons, right click on the one which reads "Iaunch Lnternet Explorer Browser". A minu will appear, left click on create shortcut., and this should restore the IE icon to you desktop.

Thanks everyone for your replies, they are much appreciated. :)

It is not just the shortcut that is missing, when I click on that the page will not open and says there is an error. Guess I need to visit Micrsoft and download the programme again.

I'll give that a try.

Thanks again all.

Hi again - another quick question has cropped up. Can I download IE6 with SP1 even though I have SP2 installed on my computer? I don't see a download for just IE6. I can see this is going to get complicated :confused:

Simply go to a Download site shuch as www.download.com and search Internet Explorer 6 and download it from there. OR if there isnt a download 4 6 there download an older version and wen u use theolder version you should get reminders to download the new version!

Hope this helps!

Did you restore the shortcut?
What are you clicking on when you get the error message?
And what does the error message say?


IE won't load from the shortcut , have also tried it from my favourites, still no go. When I type the web address in the address bar at the top it tells me it is waiting for the page to open up - but nothing happens. I get the heading for the page and the sub headings, like my favourites, search, etc. but the page itself won't open up and neither do any of the sub headings when I click on them. This is also happening on my partners PC, Incidently there are other web pages that won't open, could this be to do with the same problem?

Hi again...If you don't have IE, what are you entering the address in? And please tell me what you were clicking on when you got the error message, and what did it say?

Hi DCC, I click on the shortcut and I get the top part of the http://www.msn.co.uk - MIE page. Under the address bar I have, search, account guard, my Ebay, alerts, buying, favourites, customise. (When I click on any of these, they don't open up either) At the bottom is says web site found, waiting for reply. Also at the bottom the green 'loading bars' get to 3 and that is it .... it just hangs there for ever if I let it.

I get the same result when I type the address in the AOL address bar.


Right click on IE, from the menu click on properties, you should have a page with a bunch of tabs at the top and the first page should be general, on this page it will show address and a box with a web address inside, what is it please? And then please go to connections, what is listed as you default ISP?
Are you saying that you have a split page after you try to reach IE?
And it would help ever so much if you could please provide me with the error message.
I'm not sure just what is going on here yet, there is some conflicting information, but my gut feeling is that you have a problem with your internet service provider (ISP), and may benifit from giving their customer service a call. Please do this and then let us know what you find out, we will still be here.

It certainly sounds to me like Internet Explorer is actualy present and able to run, but that web pages won't load because your internet connection isn't configured properly. I'd agree that contacting the support sectionof your ISP is a good idea.

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