When trying to install fonts recently, I discovered that the "Install New Fonts" option was missing from the Font menu. After hours of googling I found someone with a similar problem who was told that the font file was corrupted. I tried the suggestions to restore it but they were wrong. Then I discovered that not only were some capabilities of other applications (MS FrontPage, for one) were disabled or missing, when I tried to run Win98 troubleshooters...they were missing!

I have done everything I can think of with the exception of reformatting and reloading Win 98, which I hate to do. I've run every conceivable tool that Win 98 offers (System File Checker, Dr. Watson, Defrag). All tools reported no problems but there clearly are problems! I did a virus scan. Nothing.

Is it possible to reinstall Win 98 over the OS without reformatting? Is there a way to only restore the corrupted files without reinstalling the entire OS?

Thanks for any help! I'm at the "kill puter" stage now

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You can reinstall win98 over itself, with out formating .boot computer with a win98 boot disk at the a:\ prompt type in, [ren c:\win.com win.old ],not a space after ren, with out the brackets ,then hit enter.then atthe A:\ prompt type [setup], with out the brackets.
when it come to where to install windows it will say C:\windows000 ,click other location and take out the 3 zeros and hit OK to copy windows over itsself

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