I was just wondering if someone could tell me the best way to check to see what kind off graphics card i have in my system.

thanks Ally :D

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Get Everest: Home Edition. It's free and provides very detailed information about your system.

If your system is from a well-known manufacturer, such as Dell, HP/Compaq, Gateway, etc, it is possible to look up such information from the brand and model number of the system.

my System is a Compaq presario Amd Athlon 64

"AMD Athlon 64" is a brand of chip. Do you know the model number of the system, such as V4000, SR1030Z, etc?

Did you try out Everest?

I think it maybe sr1550nx,what is Everest?

Go Start->All Programs->Accesories->system tools->System Information.

then expand components by Clicking on the + next to it.

Then select Display, should give some info there, (not necessarily as goood as Everest which I believe is a Freeware program that finds system information, task google with that).

BTW - resourced from XP Pro

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