hi i hope you can help me, for the past week or so my computer wont allow me to use ctrl+alt+del, when i press it nothing happens at all. Also if i go to the start menu and try to restart my computer or shutdown or so on after pressing one of the ooptions nothing happenes the computer just stays the same Also another problem i'v ben having (not sure if it's the same issue) is that when ever i get into the instalation of a new program it dosn't seem to work it gets to the point of extracting the files and just freezes up and dosn't do anything. This has been a real pain for me to deal with and i'm not very good with computers so i'm really not sure how to fix it please any help you could provide would be much appreciated ^^

anything that prevents you from using the taskbar (what comes up when you hit Ctrl+Alt+Del) is probably a virus. If you have virus scan software, make sure it's updated, and then run a full system scan. if you don't have any installed now, or it won't let you scan or update, try doing it in safe mode.

to enter safe mode, hold F8 while the computer boots up, you should be presented with a menu, and be sure to select 'safe mode with networking,' so that you can update your virus software. if THAT doesn't work, contact your virus software company for any options they may have for you.

if you don't have virus software, i would like to recommend Norton Antivirus. i'm sure there's free protection software out there, but it honestly doesn't compare to norton in my eyes.

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