alright i've been googling this and trying things for hours and i'm stuck. here is my problem:

I just received a new laptop for Christmas to replace my older Toshiba Satellite L300D-06T and I intended to give the Toshiba to my brother to replace his desktop. Thinking I am oh so clever, I took all the relevant personal files off the old laptop and moved them to the new laptop and proceeded to try and put on a fresh install of Windows 7. This is where it gets tricky; my Toshiba came with Vista 64 bit already installed but because of the time that I bought my laptop I was eligible for a free Win7 upgrade when it finally dropped.

The thing that caused all this ruckus is that I am no computer master and I discovered after completing this installation (which I read somewhere else shouldn't have worked because of the product serial) that my disc was an upgrade and not a full install. Thus I was eventually required to find the "shadow partition" (apparently an interesting feature exclusive to Toshiba Satellites?) and access the system restoration options this way. I input all my command prompts and was able to "restore" the windows.old file and the master boot.

After all of this, I booted up just fine and I went into disk cleanup and started clearing things out this way. In the process I deleted my previous windows installations and now certain things don't quite work (internet explorer will no longer run or install) and I have just about had it. Any suggestions on how to delete all of the Windows 7 messiness I have loaded onto here and get back to the basic Vista (so I can upgrade the system correctly) would be much appreciated. If anything is unclear or confusing let me know! thanks all :)

hello ,try holding in the zero key when you turn it on ,it should bring up the windows recovery option to reinstall windows as it was from the factory .good luck

yes, i eventually ended up doing that on my own, thanks anyway though :)

yes, i eventually ended up doing that on my own, thanks for the help.