iam going to get the following

P4 2.8ghz 800fsb 1mb cache
either the ATI Radeon 9600xt or the SAPPHIRE 9800pro (i think i should go with xt i dont think sapphire is good)
kingston 184pin 512mb ddr pc-3200 (speed DDR 400) later on iam going to get another stick same one
ultra dragon series black glossy
thermalake 80mm high perfomence
thermalake 480watt power supply

please tell me if i should get which graphics card and if it's going to be 1337!

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Go the 9800 Pro. The 9600XT is pretty ordinary in comparison.

Which motherboard? You've mentioned manufacturer and chipset, but what's the model number?

It's a pretty good rig, matey, but it depends what you consider to be l33t ? The rig's gonna be fine for games for at least 18 months to come, if that's what you mean!

yea, games just keep asking for more. So computer manufacturers run on games. It's like a foodchain :p

cheese, if that's an Asus P4C800E Deluxe Gold, motherboard you're looking at, then it's damned expensive!

The ABit IC7 Max3 is just as well featured, quite a bit cheaper, and is reported by many people to overclock better.

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Sapphire ATI cards are A ok in my book...but I've only built 10 systems with them over the last year without an incident :)

Sapphire is what most overclockers tend to use from what I've heard. I'm actually picking up a Sapphire 9800 pro today after I get out of class. Dual athlons, 1.5gb of ram, mmmmm. I'm gonna own on Unreal!

dam there is alot of differnet 9800pro's but xt are better iam going to look 4 a cheap xt

never mind

i dont know hat to get
my friend has alienware and he has 9600xt he get like 72fps to 75 steady

i was going to get the barton 2500+ XP but my friend said it suked

shouldnt the XT be good enough ,also i play cs and would like it like 100fps but i dont know if the monitor can keep up? but iam also not the good with comps as u guys are

9800XT is a fair bit more expensive. There's not really enough extra performance in it to warrant the money. Get a 9800 Pro, overclock it later when you need to.;)

And the XP2500+ will 'drive' that vid card quite well enough for games! Vid card is much more important to 3D games than the processor.

TODAY IS MY B-day Iam going to get comp soon i will get money on fri (when there is party) hopefully i get enough i invited like alot of people like 30 or more

which pro should i get can i give u list of them and u tell me?

Any Pro you can get your hands on would be fine. They're all about the same.

(And learn to use the 'Edit' button instead of making multiple posts!

then i will get a pro but would u go to the site and tell me which one? i should get

i dont know though i own already with an intergrated graphics card!
the XT i will be pee in pance good and with the 9800pro lots of money

i think i might just get the ATI radeon 9600XT for like 179

plus it is fast as hell! look at speed 500mhz 4 the 9600XT and memory speed 600mhz!

my friend said 4 gaming u need at least 2.5ghz and he says that AMD processors are the same i thought they were different like faster ghz but he said it's the clock speed measured they are the same

alos he said the P4 were more relaiable but he is asian he might not be reading right (jk)

A radeon 9600XT is nowhere near as fast as a 9800 Pro.

And learn to press 'Edit' to add extra comments, instead of making a series of new posts. What you are doing is considered 'rude' in any forum I've ever seen!

why is that rude?

and yes it is the ASUS 875P PC800-E-DELUXE

also i want be playing games that i dont think need a 9800pro its just cs and battlefield i think so at least

and that ic7 mobo is more expensive then iam getting the asus 4 $175!

I think i'm taking my 9800pro back and buying nvidia. At least its compatible with everthing and works!

a nivida i hate them ATI is better there dum ass mx series sucks my nutz and there fx5200 is cheap! stay with your pro u lucky bastard

i just went to bestbuy it was fun
and saw the gay ass FX5200 u get like 50fps on the shit!:D

Yes I think that'll be a good one, but you'd better watch your power supply with such power drain.

iam getting a thermalake 480watt so i dont think i will have problem today my friend told me that the 9600xt they just updated it to make it better its specficelly ment for gaming he said that i should just get the 9600xt cause u dont need that good of a graphics card for counter-strike

but i dont know i want better graphics and if this one is better then the 9600XT and better for gaming better fps (frames per sec) then i will buy the 9800pro but, it has to have better fps like hopefully like 100fps

It's not just better, my friend, it's much better.

or otherwise 1337! \/\/00T!

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