Hi there. My kids computer has windows xp which was preinstalled so i do not have xp disc only a restore cd which i installed this morning. Prior to this as soon as machine turned on,, it crashed. Now after restore it starts to boot up and then freezes. I could boot from cd but dont know how to do this. I did get it as far as the original set up pages but keyboard and mouse froze so i was unable to select options. Can anyone help me. Unfortunately i am a computer dork. Do i have to take it to a store for them to repair do you think???

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If you need it quick, take it to the shop. If you want to have some fun and maybe save some money. Open it up. If your getting past the post my guess would be the HD. A full windows version is always nice. I don't know if a restore cd does a complete format which you might need.

Ugh, restore CD's.

One soon realizes they don't have the Windows operating system on them... to me, they're essentially useless. Best options:

1.) Download an CD image file--known as the ".iso" format--of your current operating system off a peer-to-peer service, i.e. Ares, orLimewire. When searching, make sure you're downloading your specific Windows XP version, whether it be Home or Professional. After the file (approx. 700Mb) is downloaded, you can use a program like Nero to utilize a "Burn disc image to disc" process. Once the disc is made, you can boot your machine with it and install Windows accordingly. There should a serial number on the computer case that you'll need to provide at one point of Windows installation. It's always good to carry an operating system disc!

2.) Geet it fixed at your local PC repair shop.

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