Running XP SP3 Dell Dimension 4700

The computer was acting a bit weird for a short part of the day, the monitor kept blanking out and sometime it would flash.

We tried a reboot and ended up with a BSOD

stop: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005,0x804D9092,0xF78DDF88,0xF78DDC84)


For a while I had access to safe mode but I no longer do.

I reseated all the memory and no change

I took out my video card and went back to the onboard video and no change

no USB devices

Help please

i would try booting to some bootable media... linux liveCD is always my first choice in that regard. see if the issues persist with video if nothing else. also google your stop error (all 5 of those hex numbers in the same query)... im on a mobile device so it would be a little annoying for me to do that. but its possible that those numbers together indicate a specific issue.

Right now my CD is not bootable for some reason. I just ran a mem test (8 passes) and came up with no errors.

One of the first things I did was Google the error and got a zero match.

I have 2.5GB, two 1 GB chips and two 256MB chips


My video card took the system down, corrupted some files. Did a chksdk and repaired the files and removed the video card and am now using the on board video.

System is back up and running.