Hi Friends, You know the problem - running out of space on hard drive - so my question is - to gain space, can i safely move my Documents and settings folder to my external drive (1TB) and will it be accessed easily by the PC from there? (PC on XP) Thanks for your help. Tez

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External hard drives are not designed to be run all the time so don't move across any files that you constantly need.

Have you tried running the disk cleanup wizard to free up some space?


I agree with Rik.

If the bulk of your space is in your Documents, then you might want to consider taking the older items that you only keep for historicals and move those off to an external disk to save some space.

Do you have a large media collection on this disk?
HAve you cleared out downloads and temp files?


Thanks friends. I'll try what you suggested, sounds good. Perhaps I'll move all my photo collection to the ext drive, should help.
I have a large media collection (i-tunes library) 46Gb which I guess I can move over to HD - should help, but will i-tunes find it okay? I have to 'point it' somehow?

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