My sisters computer keeps getting an error when rebooting. Explorer wont load the main page and only the background image shows. I tried rebooting in safe mode and the same problem happens. I even tried rebooting the whole computer using the recovery disc and it will not load the disc.

Its a HP 500 Mh computer with Windows 98. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. I will be out of town for a week in texas due to work. So I will check back in a week. thanks

See where you have -0- replies to your post. Sounds like your OS is corrupted and you might have to format the hard drive and reinstall the OS, however, if you need to have the CD to reload the software. But before you go this route and if you have a start up floppy disk, insert it and start up the computer and chose minimal start. Let it load to the DOS prompt and type in Scandisk /All. Select S and save anything the scan finds and select skip undo if asked. When done and back to the DOS prompt, type in Scanreg /fix. Let the computer rebuild the registry. Shut down and wait a few minutes. Restart the computer. Hope this helps.