hello all

I need answer for my question
Each time I double click exe file , antivirus raise warning
that this is an exe file can harm your computer and bla bla bla .
My question is :
without deleteing anti virus,is there any way to
eliminate this warning.
Because my application is handy ,and I often use it in others computer.
I affraid the computer owner think I bring virus to his computer

thank you

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What antivirus software have you got and have you got any antimalware software?

some anti virus and some anti malware programs have within them the possibility of marking a program as legitimate rather than detecting as a virus. Worth looking in the AV to see if it has such a let out clause!

hello all
my anti virus is avast free version
but I also have experience the warning , from other anti virus
(not in my own computer0

thank you

What particular .exe file is it having problems with?

hello all
it is simple software for create receipt

thank you

I need to know it's exact name in order to determine if it shows up as a false positive or not.

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