I usually double click on the blue section above the menu on a webpage or folder to do the same action as the restore down/maximize button in the top right hand corner. Now this action occurs on a single click and I am unable to drag a box on my screen with a single click.

I also am unable to alter the size of the page I'm on by using the double arrow and dragging. The double arrow is there but it won't drag and change the size of the box on the screen.

My OS is Win XP Pro SP3

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hi, check your one click setting ,open mycomputer ,go to tools at the top and folder option and you will see one click maybe it got set some how ,
check attachment

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I checked and it's set to double click. One thing I didn't check is my mouse and I borrowed a mouse which worked fine. The problem was my actual mouse malfunctioning. New mouse. No problem. I feel like a complete idiot but I've learned something from this!


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