I currently have a BSOD problem which isn't very disruptive, however, after recently fixing a very severe BSOD issure (I had to reinstall Windows 7 again) I now fairly regularly play Skyrim on my desktop computer.

The BSOD occurs occasionally while I am playing Skyrim - up until the most recent time the game has started FPS lagging for a few seconds before the BSOD error.

I have attached the .dmp files in a compressed folder.

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Have you got up-to date video drivers from your card's manufacturer?

I believe so but I am currently downloading the most recent driver released for it and installing or possibly reinstalling it to see if that will change it. Thanks!

Generally, when ive got BSODs from games in the past, updating the video drivers has fixed it. If not its generally a memory problem (i.e. bad/not enough) or a hardware problem such as overheating or low power. - These all only sometimes become apparent i.e. when gaming, as the system is stressed

it is very good

commented: define "it". is "it" even related to the topic discussed here? -3

It appears to have been sorted out - thanks :)

It appears to have been sorted out - thanks :)

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