Hi all,

I will begin by saing I have very limited knowldege on computers and I do understand that this website was designed for IT professionals and problems/issues for them. However, I really have come to the end...I have no idea where to turn to for help!. I have looked through old messages to see if someone has come across the same problem as I have, and have not found anyone who does.

The problem is that when I try accessing hotmail web page it simply comes up blank, thus not allowing access on to my hotmail account. There are no messages that appear saying "access is denied", or "cannot access the web page" or anything similar literally a blank white web page simply appears. I find this strange because I can access the MSN website and all the links from there, but is seems that hotmail cannot be accessed.

Could anyone help please...I would appreciate it immensley.

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Have you tried to access it again recently? Within one hour of you reading this? could been down for a bit

Have you tried to access it again recently? Within one hour of you reading this? could been down for a bit


Yeah I have...apparently I cant access it because I do not have JavaScript. Could that be a reason for not being able to access the hotmail web page?

That is most definitely the reason.

That is most definitely the reason.

Hiya all,

Can anyone reccomend reliable sites where I can download Javascript (free if possible)?

Many Thanks

Every major browser has a built-in JavaScript interpreter. You don't have to "download it" from anywhere. You may have inadvertently turned it off - check your various security options in your browser.

my grandfather was having a problem simliar to this. I will explain the problem and solution.

A *.js file is stored temperarly on your computer when you visit a site that uses a external js file. If the site makes any updates to that file, and then that site trys to access a new function or value from the updated file, it is going to throw an error because you have a old version of the file stored in your temp inet files.

To fix. go to your browser options and delete all temperary files. That should get rid of the temp js file so you can download the newer version. This should work.

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