I recently reinstalled windows as it crashed on me,but since then i have been unable to use my bluetooth dongle with my mobile phone.(samsung d500)
The problem is not the phone, but either my dongle not been recognised or the bluesoleil software/drivers not working right i guess??
The dongle is found in device manager,but bluesoleil software program will not pick it up when i insert it into the usb port,i have tried all sorts with adding new hardware wizard,etc,and still no luck.
The only option i get with bluesoleil is the connection of the dongle which is showing up as BCSP device,when its a USB device,but when i change it and then go back to it,its gone to a BCSP device again.
Any help greatfull ,as i may just bin it?? :(

Sorted with out the problem now, without help in the end.Uninstalled everything to do with bluetooth,hardware/software,and finally worked after reinstalling software!

my mikomi bluetooth dongle keeps sending my songs from the computer to folders on my phone:mad: ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software but it hasnt helped..can anyone help me please?

uninstall the driver and device then reinstall the driver and device.
restart your pc.
it will work
these type of problem came when we are not install the proper driver or some time data missing in driver