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I have one PDC and one ADC my ADC(Additional Domain Controller Has been crashed) now i want to make new ADC but i receive error please view the attached image for error detail please advice me how to complete this task

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So based on your screenshots, it appears that you are trying to introduce a DC with an operating system that is not compatible with your AD's schema. Before you can introduce that DC, you must sucessfully extend the schema. If you have done that already, you have to make sure that your SCHEMA Master server is accessible. If this role was assigned to the DC that crashed, you need to seize that FSMO role. Since you only have one DC left, you have to seize all of the roles on the remaining DC.

Use this link instead as it covers the seizing of roles. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/255504

The one that skilly provided only covers transferring. You cannot transfer when your target DC is offline. You have to seize. After seizing, DO NOT bring up the crashed DC back online. Wipe and format the drive. You also have to clean up the meta data in AD to remove all references to the crashed DC.


they are similar, but KB25504 covers how to seize, not only transfer. Seizing a role is required when the DC that has the role is offline and will not be brought back online. Transferring a role is done when both DCs are online.


you really think the OP is that dumb, like he can't read for himself?
just give him some time to answer

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make sure the current DC is the Master as stated above and run the adprep /forestprep and /domainprep on both machines.

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